Flutter pet harness


- Breathable, strong mesh harness.
- Statement faux leather wings.
- Velcro and buckle closure.
- Additional metal double D-ring for leash attachment.
- Wings measure 12cm x 8cm/4.7" x 3.1".

XXS Neck circumference 27.5cm, Chest circumference 32cm
XS Neck circumference 33cm, Chest circumference 38cm
S Neck circumference 41cm/16.1", Chest circumference 46cm/18.1"
M Neck circumference 47cm/18.5", Chest circumference 53.5cm/21"
L Neck circumference 55.5cm/21.8", Chest circumference 64cm/25.1"

Ponyo the pug weighs 8.5kg and wears a size M.

with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Nylon & PU.

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